Collect your student travel product

Foreign students englishThe student travel product is part of your student finance. It allows you to travel by Dutch public transport for free or at a reduced rate. You can choose either a weekday or a weekend product. The student travel product can only be downloaded onto a personal OV-chipkaart (OV = openbaar vervoer = public transport).


How it works?

  • Check if you’re entitled to use the student travel product.
    Whether you are entitled to the student travel product depends on your nationality or place of residence, your age and your education. You can find more information about the requirements for international students at
  • Apply for a student travel product
    You can find more information about student finance at Click to apply for student finance.
  • Buy a personal OV-chipkaart
    You can do this online at You need a digital passport-style photo for this.
  • Register your OV-chipkaart number*
    • To link your student travel product to your OV-chipkaart, you need DigiD. You have no DigiD? Go to DigiD and follow the steps to your personal DigiD with sms control. Or login with eIDAS.
    • Then register at studentenreisproduct (in Dutch) and log in with your DigiD or eIDAS. Give your data so that we can link the student travel product to your OV-chipkaart. You must also upload a scan or photo of both your ID and your OV-chipkaart. (Please check carefully that your documents satisfy all of the conditions.)
  • Activate the student travel product onto your personal OV-chipkaart.
    You can do this at a pick-up device. You can find a list of the pick-up devices in your local area.


* Your right to travel as a student must be linked to your personal OV-chipkaart, which is why you need to register your OV-chipkaart number. We will need some personal information to check whether you are entitled to travel with the student travel product.

More information?

    • You can activate your student travel product onto your personal OV-chipkaart (but not use it) from two weeks before you are entitled to the student travel product.
    • You can start using your student travel product from the date you are entitled to your student travel product. Log in to Mijn DUO to see from which date you qualify for your student travel product.
    • You automatically get a weekday product. However, if you would prefer a weekend product, you can change your product for free. Find out more about the validity of both types (in Dutch). You can switch your type of product at Mijn DUO.
    • You need to check in and out every time you travel, both when you’re travelling for a reduced rate and when you are travelling for free. Make sure there is enough money on your OV-chipkaart when you are travelling at a reduced rate.
    • If you lose your OV-chipkaart or if it is broken, you can apply for a temporary student travel product (in Dutch) and be travelling again within the hour.
    • If you are not entitled to use the student travel product any more, you will have to deactivate the product yourself (in Dutch) at a pick-up device.
    • If you have incurred charges because you were unable to use the student travel product through no fault of your own, submit a claim form (in Dutch).