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Help! My OV-chipkaart is lost, stolen, broken or expired

  • My OV-chipkaart doesn’t work and is blocked.

    It’s very annoying if your OV-chipkaart doesn’t work when you want to travel. This may occur because of several reasons.

    • Is your OV-chipkaart defect or visible broken? Then order a replacement card at OV-chipkaart.nl
    • Is your travel balance negative? Then top this up to a minimum balance of € 0. You can then travel again. Student travel product does not work if you balance if negative.
    • Missed your check out? If you forget to check out 12 times or more your OV-chipkaart gets blocked. You can remove this block at the counter of the public transport company where you last checked in.
  • My OV-chipkaart is broken. What should I do?

    Is there a crack in your OV-chipkaart? Go to ‘My OV-chip’ and request a replacement card. You will receive your new card within an average of three working days. Your student travel product will be transferred to your new OV-chipkaart.

  • My OV-chipkaart is expired. What should I do?

    Your personal OV-chipkaart is valid for five years. You can renew this card online. You will receive your renewed card within an average of three working days. The student travel product, other subscriptions and automatic reloading will be transferred form your old card to your new OV-chipkaart. You can travel with your old card until the expire date. After that you can use your renewed card.

  • I’ve lost my OV-chipkaart. What should I do?

    Did you lose your OV-chipkaart along the way? Then you must report your card lost.

  • My OV-chipkaart is stolen. What should I do?

    It’s very unfortunate if your OV-chipkaart with the student travel product has been stolen. Block your OV-chipkaart by reporting it as stolen as soon as possible. Your card will be blocked in 24 hours.