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Linking your student travel product

  • It’s not possible to link the student travel product to my OV-chipkaart.

    The possible causes are:

    • Maybe you are using an old version of your browser. Downloading a more recent version may solve the problem.
    • Your OV-chipkaart is already linked: did you temporarily deactivated the student travel product and did you NOT get a new OV-chipkaart? Then (re)linking is not necessary. You only have to apply for the student travel product at DUO again.
    • You did not apply for the student travel product at DUO: check via Mijn DUO if you’ve applied for the student travel product.

    You have received a supplementary request by e-mail and may not have read it: to be sure check (the spam box in) your e-mail for a supplementary request stating what is missing in your previous matching request. You can then complete the required information via the link tool in the Mijn omgeving.

  • I’ve made a mistake in my digital request for linking the student travel product to my OV-chipkaart and I can’t change it. What should I do?

    That depends on the mistake. Have you entered an incorrect first name, e-mail address or phone number? Then there will be no problem. Did you make a mistake while entering your OV-chipkaart number? Then we’ll probably can’t process your linking request. You’ll receive a message which says what you should do.

  • Why is a copy of my identification and OV-chipkaart requested to be able to link?

    To be sure that the student travel product is provided to the right person, we ask for a copy of your identification and OV-chipkaart when you want to link via paper process. When you link the student travel product to your OV-chipkaart by yourself (via the ‘Mijn omgeving’ ). Then the check on personal data is done automatically by logging in with your DigiD.

  • Is it possible to link my personal OV-chipkaart to the student travel product from abroad?

    Yes, it is possible to link your OV-chipkaart from abroad. Just keep in mind that you’ve requested beforehand a Digid with SMS verification, because it’s nog possible to request this outside the Netherlands. How to request it? Please visit DigiD for more information.

  • Why can’t I change my last name in my details?

    It’s not possible to change your last name in the Mijn omgeving. That’s because we receive your personal information from DUO and they’re also connected to your DigiD. If you want to change this data, you can do so by logging on to Mijn DUO and request change there.

  • My last name is not yet entered under my details. Is that a problem?

    It is possible that your last name is not yet entered. That could mean that we haven’t got your data for applying for the student travel product yet from DUO. Did you apply for the student travel product via Mijn DUO? If the answer is no, then it’s necessary that you’ll do that before it is possible to link. Did you apply for the student travel product? Then it’s possible that you did it recently or your application is not processed correctly. Check your data at Mijn DUO.

  • How can I link my student travel product to my personal OV-chipkaart with eIDAS?

    You are able to link your student travel product to your personal OV-chipkaart with eIDAS on mystudent.studentenreisproduct.nl.

    eIDAS stands for ‘Electronic Identification and Trust Services for electronic transactions in the Internal Market’. With this regulation, the European Union contributes to the removal of all digital borders. This means that the digital identities that are classified as eIDAS-approved must be accepted by all public organisations across the European Union.

    Note: For most services in the Netherlands a citizen service number (BSN = burgerservicenummer) is required. If you are not in the possession of this number, the service cannot be accessed. Please register yourself in the Personal Records Database (BRP). Check www.government.nl for more information about the process of registering.

  • I did not receive a welcome mail. How do I link the student travel product to my OV-chipkaart?

    You’ll automatically receive a welcome e-mail if you apply for student finance or the student travel product. You’ll receive the e-mail within one week after your student finance is established, only up to six weeks before you are entitled to the student finance.

    If you haven’t received a welcome e-mail within a week after your entitlement to student finance has been established. And you are entitled to student finance and the student travel product within the next six weeks? Then visit our linking page and give us your OV-chipkaart number to link the student travel product.