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Using the student travel product

  • Is it possible to use an OV-fiets for free with the student travel product?

    In order to use the OV-fiets you’ll need to purchase a separate subscription (€0,01 per year). The rental costs of the bike are collected directly from a bank account. This product is separate from the student travel product. For more information click here.

  • How long am I entitled to use the student travel product?

    How long you’re entitled to student finance and the student travel product depends on your study program. For more information about this subject, you can contact DUO.

  • Can I combine the student travel product with other travel products?

    If you want to use the student travel product smoothly, then we advise you not to place any other travel products on your OV-chipkaart which contains the student travel product. If you still choose to combine your student travel product with another travel product? Then the extra costs that can concur will not be refundable.

  • Where can I use the student travel product?

    With the student travel product you can travel for free or at a reduced rate on:

    • All trains, both NS and the regional rail operators;
    • All regular buses, trams, subways and water buses;
    • Most of the local buses.

    You can’t use the student travel product on:

    • Regular buses without OV-chipkaart equipment;
    • Taxi services, event transport, cross-border transport and the Arriva/Qbuzz pick-up;
    • The night buses;
    • The Thalys.

    If you are traveling with the IntercityDirect? Then an supplement applies.