Link (koppel) your student travel product to a OV-chipkaart

Step 4 is linking (koppelen) your student travel product to a personal OV-chipkaart. To make this step a succes we’ll ask you a set of questions. If you can answer these questions with yes then you are ready to link your card.

1. Did you receive a message from DUO stating that your request for student travel product has been accepted?

2. Do you own  a personal ov-chipkaart with your own personal details?

3. Did you receive an e-mail from stating you need to link (koppelen) your OV-chipkaart?

Other products on the card?

We strongly advise you not to combine other products with our product. If you chose to combine studentenreisproduct with other travel products then you are not eligble for refunds

Start with linking (koppelen)

Linking (koppelen) is only possible in the Mijn Omgeving. The Mijn omgeving is secured by DigiD so nobody other then you can access your personal details.

You can always directly access the Mijn omgeving by clicking the icon on the top right of the screen. To help you out we also put an extra button on the bottom of this page.

After you have logged into our Mijn omgeving you can press the button “koppelen” to add your OV-chipkaart. You can only have one card linked to your student travel product. Did you purchase a new card? Then you can also link your new card by pressing koppelen.


Finished linking?