Cancelling the student travel product

If you are no longer entitled to a student travel product, you must cancel it yourself at a pick-up device. This will not happen automatically when you cancel your student finance at Mijn DUO.

Cancel your student travel product on or before the 10th day of the first month in which you are no longer entitled to it. You are no longer allowed to travel with the product from the 1st of that month.

How do I cancel my student travel product?

  1. Go to a pick-up device. They are situated at train stations, supermarkets and convenience stores.
  2. Cancel the student travel product. Most machines can be set to English. If not, follow these instructions.
    At the train station: hold up your card to the card reader, choose ‘stopzetten producten’, then ‘studentenreisproduct’ and choose ‘akkoord’.
    Supermarket or convenience store: put your card in the card reader, press ‘meer’, press ‘stopzetten reisproduct’ and then ‘stopzetten’.
  3. The day after cancelling your travel product, the confirmation will be visible in Mijn DUO.
  4. You don’t need to hand in your travel card. You can still add credit to it or use it for other travel products.