Submit a claim

Did your student travel product not work properly through no fault of your own? Then check if you are eligible for a refund of the costs in the conditions (in Dutch).

What costs does not qualify for a refund?

  • Fuel costs;
  • Tuition fees;
  • Costs due to not granting student finance or a student travel product in time. (Submit an ‘aanvraag schadevergoeding studentenreisproduct’ at DUO)
  • Costs due to problems with the delivery of your new personal card. (Submit a claim for this at the company where you bought the card);
  • Costs because you forgot to check-in or out (Submit a claim for this at the public transport company you travelled with);
  • Purchase costs of a OV-chipkaart (personal and anonymous).
  • Costs as a result of combining multible products on a card.

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