My card is expired

An OV-chipkaart is valid for five years. After this period you will no longer be able to travel with your OV-chipkaart. A personal OV-chipkaart can be renewed.

Renew your OV-chipkaart online

You can apply for a renewed card online at Your new card costs € 7,50. Your credit will be returned to your bank account within 15 days after your card expires. You will receive your renewed card within six working days. The student travel product (only when active), any other subscriptions and automatic reloading will be transferred from your old OV-chipkaart to your new OV-chipkaart. You can continue traveling with your old OV-chipkaart until the date that it’s no longer valid. After that use your new OV-chipkaart

Please note: is your OV-chipkaart getting renewed after you cancled the student travel product? Then you first have to link (koppel) the new OV-chipkaart before you can pick-up the student travel product!

Apply for a temporary student travel product

While you’re waiting for your renewed card it’s possible to use a temporary student travel product. First you have to buy a anonymous OV-chipkaart (if you don’t have one yet) and then you can apply for a temporary student travel product. The temporary product can be picked up within one hour.

Please note: A temporary student travel product can only be used for 7 days and can be requested for only a few times. So quickly apply for a renewed OV-chipkaart.