My card is lost/stolen

If your personal OV-chipkaart has been stolen or you have lost your card, please report this as soon as possible.

First report your card lost/stolen

Report your card lost or stolen through My OV-chip.  If you don’t have a My OV-chip account, please report to OV-chipkaart Customer Services on telephone number 0900-0980 (normal phone cost). They will block your personal card for further use within 24 hours of your notification. Good to know: a blocked card cannot be unblocked again! So first find out if you’re card is really lost.

Immediately apply for a replacement card.

When you report your card lost/stolen, you can apply for a replacement card right away. You’ll receive a replacement card within three working days.

Apply for a temporary student travel product

While you’re waiting for your replacement card it’s possible to use a temporary student travel product. First you have to buy a anonymous OV-chipkaart (if you don’t have one yet) and then you can apply for a temporary student travel product. The temporary product can be picked up within one hour.

Please note: A temporary student travel product can only be used for 7 days and can be requested for only a few times. So quickly apply for a replacement OV-chipkaart.